Thank you for checking out the site! Rockabilly L.A. is most active on Instagram, as show flyers tend to be tagged and reposted often. This site was born out of the depths of Rosemead’s Spikes Bar in 2015, as a resource to help others get connected to live shows and venues in Southern California. The comprehensive site focuses on the Los Angeles rockabilly and psychobilly music scenes. There was a missing resource that was needed just for the dedicated admirers of rock & roll music and Kustom Kulture that inspired this scene altogether.

Rockabilly LA was created for the fans and the bands. There is a rotating main page of flyers for events to attend in LA County, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Inland Empire, and San Diego. Southern California is covered as folks are lucky enough to be able to drive to these neighboring counties and support those shows as well. Flyers will be posted on this website they will be in order according to the date and featured venue.

Only select live music shows and record hops will be featured at this time. Rockabilly LA does not cover any burlesque events as there are resources that already focus on it. Posts will also feature new venues around the country and recent releases from bands.

L.A. Rockabilly might be an underground genre, but the scene is alive and evolving here in California and supporting live music keeps everything going! There’s more going on to see during the year than just Viva Las Vegas. Keep an eye on the page to see great shows happening during the upcoming week. Know of a relevant show that is not mentioned? Message Rockabillyla on IG

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