Viva East band line-up

The long awaited Viva East has announced its dates for its first event in New England. This rockabilly weekender is set for July 13-16, 2017. So far, only 2 bands have been announced yet, The Desperados on Wild Records label and Canada’s The Greasemarks. The ticket prices have not been listed at this time. The rooms are on sale for the event with the group login code: VivaEast17 

 STANDARD ROOM per night

1 or 2 people $109

3 People $119

4 People $129

DELUXE ROOM per night

1 or 2 People $139

3 People $149

4 People $159

Prices exclude taxes and any service fees applicable at the time of the event. 

The above rates are only for July 13 – 16, 2017. Rooms must be booked before JUNE 23, 2017 to get these rates.

 The event will be held at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlborough, Massachusetts. This is located 20 minutes west of Boston. Could Viva East be the new Viva Las Vegas for those tired of the same old April event? If the bands booked are a better draw, than the choice might lean to the East for rockabillies open to a new horizon. 

Several bands have been booked so  far: 

Wild Record’s The Desperados

Canada’s The Greasemarks

Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones out of New York

The Hell Bent Rockers from Canada

Delta 88 from the UK

We will update this page as additional bands are signed.

The car show for Viva East is listed as being massive and pre-65. As a 2 year past attendee to the New England Shake-Up, their car show was inadequate with more outdoor vendors hoping for sales than cars.  Perhaps having an event in July with a solid car club like the Roadmen behind it will boost entries so attendees can enjoy a car show that is diverse and plentiful. 

When additional bands are posted you’ll see the line-up here on

For more information, see their website Viva East!